I got sick a few years ago. So sick, I thought maybe pneumonia? I was so hot, I took an ice bath, my dog Rocky, kept nuzzling me in the side and licking me on my side. He wouldn’t leave me alone. After I crawled into bed he pulled his bed from the foot around to my side and sat up all night. All night long he would nuzzle me and lick my side waking me every 5-10 minutes. The morning was very foggy to me, I only remember parts and pieces. When I woke up my wife said I had been on life support and in a comma for two and a half weeks. I had a couple of blood infections and Sepsis, and acute renal failure. Rocky knew my liver and kidneys were shutting down. As I was released, having known what Rocky had done, my doctors prescribed Rocky for me to tell me if I get sick or injured. 

We then began the arduous and expensive process of training him.

Rocky is our Hero and saved me three weeks after we saved him. It is very rare to find a dog with natural abilities like his. Often enough, we go out and ” pets in vests” act out , scare me and put us as a team at risk. I have finally found my voice and begun to tell everyone, owners, fake handlers and businesses about the risks involved by having untrained and unaware pet owners in public! I have an extremely rare animal and couldn’t imagine the risks associated with not having him because of a pet injuring him.