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“Local Producer of ADA Law Training Video Applauds U.S. Justice Departments
Clarification of ADA Rules”

ATLANTA – September 23, 2015 – No Dogs In Shopping Carts. Pamela Grossman the producer of the ADA Law-Training Video is very pleased about the updates to the ADA Law as it applies to service dogs. During the summer the U.S. Department of Justice released an updated “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page clarifying several ambiguous portions of the ADA Law. Most exciting on that page is questions 31-33 clarifying some vague misinterpretations.

“This is a major step for the ADA, which hasn’t had an update since 2010. Says Pamela Grossman. These clarifications of a law (ADA) are aimed more for those who simply want to bring their beloved pet with them everywhere they go, or try to pass off their pet to be a “service dog” rather than for those with legitimate service dogs.

Question 31 in this new FAQ page clarifies that stores are not required to allow service animals in shopping carts. So that cute little pooch in the cart now is clearly NOT a service dog. Question 32 speaks to the protocol for restaurants, bars and other eateries. Finally, that little Pomeranian sitting on a chair- is NOT a service dog. And anyone feeding their dog at a table in a restaurant does not have a true service animal.

It’s really frustrating for those of us who have true task based service animals to deal with people who want to pass of their dogs as service dogs. The major percentages of those who have service dogs know the ADA Law rules and have been thoroughly trained on service dog etiquette. This update may help limit abuses although there is still a long way to go in clarifying ambiguity.

While some disabilities are visible- many disabilities are invisible which is why “Businesses need to be educated on ADA Law”, says Grossman. They need to know that they do have the right to ask proper questions and ask someone to leave who is clearly abusing the Law. It is a federal crime to falsify a service dog. Pamela hopes that in the near future the fines that are posted for impersonating a service dog will be handed down more readily to those who have clearly broken the law.

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