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Online training is set up per employee. Each employee is given 48 hours to watch the training video and then take the test. Training takes approximately 20 minutes at most.  It is the employers responsibility to make certain their employees know this online training is  being released and that it is their responsibility to take the training within the 48hour given period. If there are extenuating circumstances such as an illness and the employee cannot work within the 48 hour timeline it is their responsibility along with the employers to notify us via email. We will then ask for a specific timeframe of when the employee will be available and we will re issue the code for online training.  If the employee does not take the training then within that extended allotted time it will count as a viewing and the employer will be then be charged a $25.00 set up fee plus single employee training fee based on your  initial agreement of number of employees to issue a 3rd code.  Unlimited access to training fee is $5,000. If you are interested in having the video available for your business in this manner please let us know.

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