Teaching a University of Texas at Austin Class on Service Dogs

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I was recently invited to be a Guest Lecturer at the University of Texas in Austin to a class of undergraduates studying Specialization in Disability Studies. Their inventive assistant professor Pamela Buchannon created this new course called Client/Guest Services. The topic of course. . . Service Animals in businesses.  The discussion was focused on the difference between Service, Therapy, and Emotional support Animals, along with their roles and the rules and laws that go along with each type of Assistance Animal. The students had the opportunity to view the training video I produced that walks businesses through how to comply with ADA Law as it applies to service animals coming into their business. Following the video, we had a lively Q&A session where the students asked some insightful questions and we did this all via a Zoom Conference Call. I was thrilled to work with both the professor and the students, and look forward to another session in this coming semester. For more information regarding training your employees on how to comply with ADA Law and Service animals go to www.adalawforserviceanimals.com