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Meet Callie, Callie was born with Williams Syndrome which causes a number of medical issues. Callie has to go to Egleston Children’s Hospital a lot. On a trip to the hospital one of the service dogs came and visited callie. Callie has always loved animals. The service dog lay on the bed with Callie and would not move. She was so peaceful so happy so calm. Even through the pain and the hurt she was going through it all seemed to fade away with him lying beside her. She asked us every day if she could get her own service dog. In my heart I knew we would probably never be able to provide her with one because any extra money we had went straight to her therapies doctor bills, hospital bills and supplies for her. We learned that Callie would have to have open heart surgery and they weren’t sure if she would make it through it and if she didn’t have it she would not make it.  At that point, my mother reached out to MAKE A WISH within a few days they contacted us and told us Callies wish was going to be granted. They told her to think of three wishes. Number 1 golden doodle service dog Number 2 golden doodle service dog Number 3 golden doodle service dog. We laughed so hard. She was determined she wanted her best friend. Make a Wish along with Paws for Life Service Dog Training, found the breeder and a lifetime of friendship and love started.  We got Doodle Dandy when he was around 8 weeks old and he was the best wish ever. Callie and Doodle Dandy started training together and building [...]

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