Preview ADA Law for Service Animals Training Video

In this training video actual SERVICE DOGS and their handlers, Joe Washington  and several actors will take business owners and their employees through the Laws of the ADA as it pertains to Service Animals and their Handlers.  This Law effects all businesses- Restaurant, Hotel, Entertainment Venues, Public Transportation, Gyms, Spas, Retail and all Government offices including Fire, Police and Rescue.

Is your company compliant? You may be surprised.  By reenacting recent real life scenarios we effectively identify the proper course of action businesses need to pursue in order for them to avoid a federal fine of up to $50,000. Properly trained employees make the difference in the lives of people with disabilities who rely on these highly trained animals.


Written and produced By: Pamela Grossman|ITP Video

Director of Photography: Michael Chase|Chaselight

Narrator: Joe Washington| Former host of HGTV’s “Ground Breakers” and Veteran Broadcaster

In cooperation with: 501C Organization Animals Deserve Better-Paws for life