Our Mission is simple, yet enormous – to educate every Business, Government Office, Fire, Police and First Responders on how to comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA Law) as it pertains to Service Animals.


Denying a person and their Service Dog access to your business is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Law, which can lead to legal action and Federal fines of up to $50,000 per complaint. Are you and your employees adequately educated on ADA law and prepared to handle these circumstances? Protect your business by implementing this training video into every employees new or ongoing training.


Imagine having a disability that makes it difficult for you to do everyday tasks. Imagine that you and your service animal have invested thousands of hours in training so you can become independent again.  Now imagine that you walk into your local grocery store-post office-bank only to be told “YOU CAN’T BRING THAT DOG IN HERE”. I can imagine that.

My Name is Pamela and I don’t have to imagine it because I am one of those people. Years ago, I had to leave my position in television production and reinvent myself because I could no longer leave my house.  For years I became trapped in severe panic disorder.  The introduction of a Service Animal is the one thing that is helping me get back into my “normal” life. But this isn’t about me, it’s about all the people with disabilities that rely on Service Animals.


This experience has opened my eyes to the lack of national education regarding ADA LAW as it applies to Service Animals.  Each week in the news you read bout different businesses denying access. More and more handlers are starting to file legitimate complaints against these companies. Recently,  TJMAX, WALGREENS and BEST WESTERN have denied access to people with service animals. I myself was denied access to the post office, a Gym,-an office building and  a dermatologist’s office.


In lieu of filing complaints against each of these businesses, I decided to be part of the solution to help businesses and all the handlers and their service animals by producing a training video- ADA LAW-The Training Video.  Broadcaster and Actor Joe Washington , Suzi award nominated Christy Baggett, and Aimee Copeland along with a cast of Handlers and their Service Animals go through the process of educating  retail, restaurant, hotel, transport businesses along with police, fire and rescue organizations what the law is and how they are to handle situations that arise with a service dog and their handler. A comprehensive test goes along with the training video.

Is your company compliant? You may be surprised to find out that most are not.  By reenacting a recent real life scenario we effectively identify the proper course of action businesses need to take in order  to avoid violations.  Properly trained employees make the difference in the lives of people with disabilities who rely on these highly trained service dogs  AND save your business the potential of hefty Federal Fines and legal action.